Here is a guide on how to digitize your Project Management processes.

Now you can have access to the best technologies to organize all your project’s deadlines, files and conversations into one transparent place. You get the overview you need while your team stays aligned and focused. You need to avoid endless status meetings and reporting. You have to keep your team moving. In this section we will guide you through the best actions you can put into practice today to improve your project management operations.


Use tasks that work for you. Add reminders so you get notified when your task is due, or set up a recurring task for a routine to-do. You should also be able to set tasks for your colleagues.
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Set a few important milestones for your projects. Set a date and a person responsible for that delivery. Milestones should be easily monitored to be sure your team can cope with deadlines.
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Meetings should be productive, not a lost of time. Using a social business collaboration tool will keep everyone up to speed, in real time. You can reduce the meetings number and make them more useful.
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Documents and files

You should gather files and docs in one place, connecting them to your projects and milestones. Everybody in your team should know where to find a single piece of information.
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Everybody on the same page

Often project information is spread throughout companies’ departments and tools: skype, excel and word files, paper and tons of email. Stop this and make everything happen in the same page.
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Social collaboration

Internal communication should not be done via email: it’s not efficient. Your team should count on a smarter tool that allows a better collaboration and eliminates time-wasting routines.
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Chat is sometime the best tool to share quick info or get a fast reply from your colleagues. Chat should be embedded in your main working framework and not done through a 3rd software.
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Mobile app

How many times you or someone in your team is on the road, out of office? Your company main working tool should be mobile, giving you the ability to access all your information from your smartphone.
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Software products installed in your computer are old-fashioned. You should rely on a more modern technology that gives you a better experience and enables a new potential for your team.
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Time tracking

How much time does your team put in every project? Is it within the budget? You should keep track of the time each member of your team works on a specific project. Time tracking can be easy and quick.
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Expenses tracking

How much have you spent on a specific project? Tracking expenses is a must if you want to calculate profits for each product/service you have sold. Our team can help you with it in an easy way.
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Reports and dashboards

See the graphics with real-time profits for each active project you have now. See how your team spend their time during days, weeks and months. Create useful tables and dashboards useful for decision making.
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Visual is also important when it comes to organize projects and plan next actions. Put phases, milestones and other info into a Gantt Chart to easily manage your team’s work.
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Who knows better than you what’s the way you wanna work? You should be able to create from scratch and shape your working tool of the future. Today it’s possible at affordable prices.
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3rd party integrations

The tools you use for everyday’s work should be open and easy to integrate to each-other. This will bring efficiency and more precise data. Focus on your work and let software manage data.
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