Here is a guide on how to digitize your Marketing and Sales departments.

Today’s technologies and strategies can help you gain and retain customers. It’s time for you to engage the right prospect, sell smarter and retain more clients. In this page you’ll find useful information that help you improve your Marketing and Sales operations. If you want your company to become truly customer-centric,  you need to prepare your business for each stage of the customer life cycle. Start by putting into practice a few of the following actions . Let us inspire you.

Marketing strategy

Strategy comes first. Identify and analyze your market targets, learn about their buying journey and create a compelling online environment to attract and convert new customers.
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Be found when someone is looking for your products and services online. Your Brand at the right place at the right moment. Gain a better positioning in search engines pages.
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Online advertising

Activate advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Linkedin… Intercept customers’ needs and interests, attract them to your website and offer them consistent solutions.
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Website redesign

Improve your website to be more effective and to generate more leads. Redesign visitors’ journey through your content. Rebuild pages with improved layouts. Let your site be cool.
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Landing pages

Create more landing pages. Give them one precise goal. Run multiple A/B tests. Generate more leads. Landing pages can do a lot if you know how to use them.
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It stands for Conversion Rate Optimization. It means you can improve the effectiveness of your paid advertising, your website and your landing pages to generate more leads.
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Language translations

The internet has no boundaries. Communicate worldwide. Find great copywriters and translators that know how to write a great text for the web optimized for SEO.
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Social media marketing

Choose the right social networks to engage with your business targets. Create an effective content strategy. Learn how to be independent in managing your social media presence.
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Proactive chat

Monitor your website visitors in real time, see what they are interested in, proactively engage with them though a smart chat available directly on your website.
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Web forms

Your website attracts and informs visitors. But then you need to convert them into leads and customers. Do this though smart webforms. Transform your website into a new sales channel.
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Content marketing

Create valuable content that can inspire your visitors and customers. Informing is not enough. Not any more. You definitely need to educate your targets and make them trust you.
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Lead nurturing

Once your site generates new leads, you need to deliver them your best content to educate them and to be recognized as a trustable partner/supplier. Feed your public with cool stuff.
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Email marketing

Set up an email marketing tool and a good strategy to stay in touch with your customers. Learn how to deliver them only valuable content which is consistent with their needs and interests.
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Web analytics

You are investing time, resources and money in your website, advertising, emailing, social media, etc.. Learn how to use analytics tools and methods to evaluate if things are working.
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Online surveys

Conduct valuable market research, run questionnaires to your public to know their opinions, gather feedback from your customers after they purchased your products and services.
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Give your sales team a great tool to work with. Help them work better. Make them close more deals. A CRM improves the way your sales and marketing teams work.
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List management

Order your lists of contacts, clients, prospects, partners, suppliers, etc… segment your lists by sector, geography, age, gender, interests, behavior, etc.. Then you can better target your communication.
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Marketing automation

Attract, convert, nurture, educate, sell, retain your customers. Most of this process can be done automatically though a new inbound marketing strategy and innovative tools.
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