Here is a guide on how to digitize your Finance and Administration activities.

Today’s technologies and strategies can help you gain more efficiency in your accounting department. It’s time for you to use the best software, automate processes and have a better control on your company. In this page you’ll find useful information that help you improve your Finance and Accounting operations . Let us inspire you.


Book keeping can be different, less boring and much more efficient. Use the best cloud services to automate some accounting processes and save time for more valued activities.
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Payment tracking

Keeping track with payments should be easy and quick. Be sure your company is up-to-date with the latest technologies that can help your financial team save time.
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Expenses tracking

How much have you spent on a specific project? Tracking expenses is a must if you want be sure to put it in the next invoices to that client. Our team can help you with it in an easy way.
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Time tracking

How much time does your team put in every project? Is it within the budget? You should keep track of the time each member of your team works on a specific project. Time tracking can be easy and quick.
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Quotes, oders and invoices

Produce and deliver accounting documents in an easy and fast way. Create amazing quotation templates and great invoices. Let the software deliver them for you.
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Your stocks should be always up-to-date. Be sure your inventory keeping tool is connected with sales orders and to the e-commerce platform. Be real-time. Be more efficient.
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Keep track of the taxes your company has to pay in the next months. Be prepared and constantly monitor their impact on your cash flow. Choose the right book keeping software for that.
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Reports and dashboards

Set your KPIs, configure your booking system, monitor in real-time what’s going on. Use statistics and graphics to keep your entire organization under control.
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Cash flows

Debts, credits and taxes are crucial to manage: their impact on your cash flow is really deep. You need to have everything under control in order to always have the right amount of cash each month.
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Recurring invoices

If your company deals with recurring invoices, you should get a software that automates this process: automatic invoice creation, delivery and payment controls.
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Automatic workflows

Automate processes within your accounting department. Let software deal with most of the operations: sales order creation, invoicing, delivering documents and controlling payments.
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Automate banking

Automate your banking operations, connect your accounting software with bank accounts to monitor all transactions. Let the system change status to the payed invoices and send notifications.
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Get your sales, project management and accounting team together. Make them collaborate in a easier way when it comes to discuss about a particular project.
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Software products installed in your computer are old-fashioned. You should rely on a more modern technology that gives you a better experience and enables a new potential for your team.
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Mobile app

How many times you or someone in your team is on the road, out of office? Your company main working tool should be mobile, giving you the ability to access all your information from your smartphone.
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Create a safe place where to smartly put all your legal and management documentation: sales and purchase contracts, board reports, legal agreements, etc…
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Client portal

Give your customers a better experience. Let them enter into a portal where they can see status of projects, invoices and their status and other administration aspects.
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3rd party integration

The tools you use for everyday’s work should be open and easy to integrate to each-other. This will bring efficiency and more precise data. Focus on your work and let software manage data.
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