Here is a guide on how to digitize your Customer Care activities.

Now you can have access to the best technologies to organize all your post-sales activities, increasing customers’ satisfaction at lower costs. You need to avoid endless customer care meetings. You have to keep your team moving. In this section we will guide you through the best actions you can put into practice today to improve your customer care operations. Let us inspire you.

Help desk

Create an help desk system that facilitates your after-sales team in everyday works. Enable a new technology to lower operations costs and rise clients’ happiness.
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Manage problems reported by your customers. Create a better culture in your company. Give your colleagues a better way to work. Help them better solve customers’ cases.
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Create a list of responses to customers’ questions and problems. Give your team a repository of easy-to-find solutions to most common issues.
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Ticketing system

The 2 easiest ways to get new support requests is via webform and via email.
Be sure your company is managing customers’ complaints through this 2 channels.
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Reports and dashboards

How many tickets does your team manage every month? How many hours/days does it take to solve a problem? What’s the product that creates most tickets? You should start tracking all these aspects.
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Email notifications

Let the customers know that you received their complaint. Update them on the ticket status. Make them feel safe and relaxed because someone is really taking care of them.
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Go social

Twitter and Facebook can be 2 great channels for your customers to post complaints.Be sure you are there, because your clients are. Be present. Be ready to engage and help.
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Your help desk should be reached through many channels: your website, your social media profiles, chat, whatsapp, emails or phone. Be sure to be where your customers are.
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Self service

People love to have the power and feel they are in control. Give them the best experience ever through the most advanced tools for customer care.
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Rules and workflows

Personal touch with customers is very important, but there are also many operations that can and should be automated with smart technologies. Give your team a better working tool.
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Software products installed in your computer are old-fashioned. You should rely on a more modern technology that gives you a better experience and enables a new potential for your team.
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3rd party integrations

The tools you use for everyday’s work should be open and easy to integrate to each-other. This will bring efficiency and more precise data. Focus on your work and let software manage data.
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